How do I become a member of the ski patrol?

1. Speak to any patroller.
2. Contact the ski area information office.
3. Go to the Recruiting page of this website.

What are the Secondary Patroller Requirements?
Go to the Secondary Patroller Requirements webpage to read about the guideline.

What do ski patrollers do?
The Patrol works to ensure that every guest at our resorts has a safe and enjoyable experience on the snow, and to provide assistance in the event of injury or illness

What is the National Ski Patrol?
A global organization of more than 27,000 volunteers and professionals working for local ski areas to make skiing safe and enjoyable for all.

How good of a skier should I be to join the ski patrol?
We accept skiers and snowboarders at all levels. However, if you are interested in becoming a trained toboggan handler, your skill level must be at PSIA level 7 or Type II on the DIN (rental) form. Both of these categories are at the strong intermediate level. What our toboggan handling instructors are are looking for are linked parallel turns for skiers or linked edge-to-edge turns for snowboarders.

Do ski patrollers get to ski for free?
Every ski area has different policies. We ski free at our own area. Generally, other ski areas do not grant privileges to non-area patrollers unless they have made special arrangements.

Do ski patrollers get paid?
Patrollers at BMBW are all volunteers and are not paid. You are more-likely to see paid patrollers at large destination resorts, many of which also have volunteer patrollers.

How did the “Boston Mills / Brandywine Ski Patrol” get the national award?
A written application summarizing the patrol’s accomplishments is submitted to an awards committee in Ohio. Our patrol was selected as the outstanding patrol in Ohio, and the application was forwarded to the NSPS Central Division awards committee. Our patrol was again selected as the outstanding patrol, this time in the Midwest. The application was then forwarded to the National level awards committee. In 1996-97, our patrol was selected as the outstanding patrol in the entire National Ski Patrol System, from among 738 patrols.

I am an EMT, can I challenge the first-aid part of the training?
The Boston Mills / Brandywine Ski Patrol encourages EMT (all levels), nurses, physicians and other health care workers to apply for membership.  Because of our rescue, transport, and emergency care protocols, methods and techniques are significantly different from those which you are familiar, we require you to attend our course, “Outdoor Emergency Care”.

How old do I have to be to join the patrol.
You must be 15 years old by the time you take the OEC test in November. You must be 16 years old to become a full basic.