You Can Join Us

Hi ! We are with the Ski Patrol…Can we help you?

NSP membership requires completion of the Outdoor Emergency Care training classes and a Professional Rescuer CPR class. This educational program starts in the spring and is about 120 hours in length. These classes will prepare you to treat injuries and illnesses with expertise and confidence. This training may help you save a life on or off the hill. There is also ski and toboggan training provided during the snow season. We welcome medical professionals to volunteer with our patrol. Our protocol requires that all volunteers attend the outdoor emergency care class.

Registration for the membership class for the 2017/2018 season is closed. To be considered for our next membership class please check back in June for the date of our “Meet the Patrol Meeting”

There is nothing more rewarding then putting in a hard day of work and having a good time doing it. You will become a respected part of the ski industry. You will perfect your skiing skills, and you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. Start a new adventure… JOIN THE SKI PATROL!

To receive additional information or request an application: Email:
Scott Hager at